The Ultimate Knife Block

What you need

Red PLA amazon buy button £ 18.00
Charge Controller (TP4056) amazon buy button £ 6.00
DC motor amazon buy button £ 7.57
Battery Holder amazon buy button £ 5.00
Solar Panel (5V) amazon buy button £ 10.00
3D Printer (Creality Cr10s) amazon buy button £ 0.00
Push Button amazon buy button £ 7.00
Glue Gun amazon buy button £ 7.00
Wire amazon buy button £ 6.50
Rechargeable Battery (18650) amazon buy button £ 13.60
Grinding Stone amazon buy button £ 6.70
Soldering Iron amazon buy button £ 27.00
Spaghetti 1KG amazon buy button £ 4.00

We've all been there, chopping vegetables with a knife so blunt it would be more effective to use a teaspoon. In that moment, you reflect on how you got there: your knives were sharp as razors when you bought them but now, three years down the line, they're thoroughly inadequate. "I should've sharpened my knives" you think to yourself. Shoulda, coulda, woulda but I didn't.

Most of us don't bother to sharpen our knives. It's an extra bit of effort and when you're just trying to make dinner, faffing around with a sharpener is the last thing you want to do. But what if it wasn't..?

We decided to make a knife block which incorporates a mechanical knife sharpener. A sharpener right next to your knives - and solar powered so you don't even need to bother charging it! This build is super straightforward and you end up with a great final product which would be a helpful addition to any kitchen!